26 3 / 2014


There are very many mistakes that novices in particular make when buying their first used or even new cars that can be very costly. The backbone to every car purchase is in doing the research. Thankfully the car industry is amongst the most detailed and you can get plenty of information on whatever make and model you are interested in. take note of not only expert reviews of the vehicle but also consumer reviews.  Experts typically enjoy the vehicles when brand new but consumers have had to live with them longer and can often pinpoint problems that may be a stumbling block for you. Also use this time to trawl car selling sites and find out what the fair value of the vehicles you are interested in are.

When you eventually go out to look for a vehicle, opt for dealership cars rather than private parties. Private party deals are best left to more experienced drivers. Jeep Toronto dealers will ensure you get a vehicle that is running well as they have stringent criteria for inspections. When negotiating on the price of the vehicle, focus on the value, rather than the loan installments. Moving on to financing issues before you settle on price allows the seller to distort figures such that they get a better than fair price on the vehicle. This is particularly important when you are carrying out a trade in. Make sure the value of the trade in is a separate consideration from the value of the new car you are buying.

If you decide to shop online for your vehicle, be sure that you still take time to inspect and test drive the vehicle before making any payments or agreements. The last thing you need is to be landed with a lemon. Also end any negotiations where you find the seller becoming shifty and beginning to request changes like a move to another vendor website. 

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